Elect Sam Matier to the Merriam City Council


About Sam

I have lived in Merriam 31 years and have enjoyed the small-town atmosphere and friendly neighbors.

I am now semi-retired and eager to serve my community. Am I qualified? You decide. I'm an engineer with an MBA, so I have the analysis tools to understand city issues before voting on them. My professional working career was in budget management for major corporations like Sprint, TWA, and Airtran Airlines. My airline responsibilities included making policy decisions on $100 million in annual maintenance expenditures; compare that to the City of Merriam, which spends about $50 million per year.

Four-years ago I began attending almost all city council meeting. The long exposure to Merriam city matters qualifies me to start making city policy decisions immediately. Check out the videos I filmed over the last four years if you have any doubts about my experience on Merriam city issues.

Few residents have the time to attend City Council meetings. Working for a living and spending time with your family is demanding enough. So to help residents monitor civic matters, four years ago I began publishing a short newsletter called "What's Happening in Merriam City Hall". This comes out before every city council meeting. When residents know which decisions are pending in City Hall, they won't be blindsided as were the residents of West Vernon Place (the sidewalk debacle).

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Why am I running for Merriam City Council? For years I have tried to help my neighbors by publishing a free city hall newsletter for residents so they are better informed and speaking before the council on behalf of my neighbors on numerous occasions. Here is a video of a public comment given by a respected member of our community to the city council. He said "We have a failure of local government that is supposed to exist to serve it's community." I want to fix that failure.

Help me represent your wishes on the Merriam City Council