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About Sam

I have lived in Merriam 31 years and have enjoyed the small-town atmosphere and friendly neighbors.

I am now semi-retired and eager to serve my community. Am I qualified? You decide. I'm an engineer with an MBA, so I have the analysis tools to understand expenditures before voting on them. My professional working career was in budget management for major corporations like Sprint, TWA, and Airtran Airlines. My airline responsibilities included making policy decisions on $100 million in annual maintenance expenditures; compare that to the City of Merriam, which spends about $50 million per year.

Four-years ago I began attending almost all city council meeting. The long exposure to Merriam city matters qualifies me to start making city policy decisions immediately.

Few residents have the time to attend City Council meetings. Working for a living and spending time with your family is demanding enough. So to help residents monitor civic matters, four years ago I began publishing a short newsletter called "What's Happening in Merriam City Hall". This comes out before every city council meeting. When residents know which decisions are pending in City Hall, they won't be blindsided as were the residents of West Vernon Place (the sidewalk debacle).

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Voting Calendar

If you are a resident of Ward 4, I would be honored to receive your vote.

07/17/2019 Advanced voting by mail begins - Apply for Advanced Application Ballot

07/29/2019 Advanced voting in person begins

07/30/2019 Advanced application deadline

08/06/2019 Primary election at polls

11/08/2019 Fall election at polls


The last day to register to vote is 10/15/2019. Click on https://jocoelection.org/registration to print a form. After you complete the form, you can send it postal mail, fax, or (if scanned) email.


Vision For Merriam

According to the federal government, 75% of American children are hunger-insecure. One reason cited for this is they don't live close enough to a grocery store. Merriam no longer has a grocery store, because the City Council was busy backroom-dealing on a bait and switch instead of taking care of our basic needs. Getting a good grocery store back in Merriam is a high priority. My experience in leasing commercial real estate would be helpful in solving this problem, and also in bringing other desirable businesses into Merriam. Current city leaders falsely claim they have no control over bringing new businesses to Merriam.

Downtown Merriam will not blossom until it is removed from the Turkey Creek flood plain and businesses are willing to make an investment in the area. As an elected member of the Merriam Drainage District Board, I urge the Corp of Engineers to begin the project needed by downtown Merriam.



Fraud, Waste and Corruption

City Hall has betrayed Merriam residents. That became apparent to me after attending most city council meetings for the last four years and listening to the reader responses to my "What's Happening in Merriam City Hall" newsletter.

I intend to stop the fraud, waste, and corruption

Stop the Fraud. Blithely broken promises on the community center are a prime example of fraud. Residents didn't vote for the tiny outdoor pool, library, and $5 million parking garage. Residents told me about their frustrations with the city when I carried petitions door to door resulting in 900 signatures to get what the City promised. The City dishonestly claimed the petitions were invalid. More fraud!

Stop the Waste. We need to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are used wisely and there is not an increase in taxes to pay for wasteful extravagances like the $125,000 "art" sculptures that are littering the city. As your current elected Merriam Drainage board member, I voted to reduce your Drainage mill levy tax 29% this year. Let's try to do that with city taxes by using common sense.

Stop the Corruption. Why is the mayor's nephew project manager of the city's $36 million community center? Largest expenditure in Merriam's history. Also, voters approved only $30 million.


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Sam Matier
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