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Fraud, Waste and Corruption

City Hall has betrayed Merriam residents. That became apparent to me after attending most city council meetings for the last four years and listening to the reader responses to my "What's Happening in Merriam City Hall" newsletter. Subscribe to free newsletter

I intend to stop the fraud, waste, and corruption.

Stop the Fraud. Blithely broken promises on the community center are a prime example of fraud. Residents didn't vote for the tiny outdoor pool, library, and $6 + million parking garage. Residents told me about their frustrations with the city when I carried petitions door to door resulting in 900 signatures to get what the City promised. The City dishonestly claimed the petitions were invalid. More fraud!

Stop the Waste. We need to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are used wisely and there is not an increase in taxes to pay for wasteful extravagances like the $125,000 "art" sculptures recommended by my opponent Staci Chivetta's art committee that are littering the city. As your current elected Merriam Drainage board member, I voted to reduce your Drainage mill levy tax 29% this year. Let's try to do that with city taxes by using common sense.

Stop the Corruption. Why is the mayor's nephew project manager of the city's $36.5 million community center? Largest expenditure in Merriam's history. Also, voters approved only $30 million.


It is refreshing that more and more Merriam residents like are beginning to reject the fraudulent spin from city hall that sales tax from residents outside Merriam is "free money." It is not.

Sales tax money has the same green color as money that comes from property taxes, fees, fines, interest and all the other revenue. It doesn't matter where it comes from. All that matters is that it is being spent wisely and it is not.

We wasted a little over $6 million dollars of TIF, sales tax and property tax money on a parking garage that we didn't vote for. We could have used that "free" money to pay for projects with low priority like fixing drainage problems in West Vernon Place. Yes. The city has a list of projects waiting for years until some of that "free money" is allocated to the project instead of wasted.

Ask someone with a flooding basement if they would rather have their basement flooding stop or see a library and parking garage? See if the homeowner with the flooded basement or washed out lawn buys the city spin that money to build parking garage can not be used to fix drainage problems. I don't.

The issue is now far beyond the broken promises of the swimming pool and cost of the community center. That fraud occurred and we can't change it. The current issue is the continence of the bad city hall culture and fraudulent self serving decisions of a few in city hall. The fraud will continue to occur and property taxes will eventually have to go up until residents stand up and say STOP in the voting booth!



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