Elect Sam Matier to the Merriam City Council


  • Maintain a high level of essential needs - Street maintenance, police and fire protection, etc.

  • Stop wasting tax payer money on art sculpture that my opponent Staci Chivetta's art committee recommended. Instead, use funds to provide new services like leaf pickup.

  • Attract new business such as groceries, restaurants, shopping and services
    . My opponent Staci Chivetta does not believe Merriam needs a grocery store. I strongly disagree and think the city council should make getting a grocery store a priority.

  • Listen and follow resident wishes. It sounds simple enough, but it didn't happen on the new outdoor swimming pool, $6 + million parking garage, art sculptures, West Vernon Place sidewalks, trash can regulations, home occupancy permits and many more situations.

  • Reduce property taxes paid to city. Merriam has a larger proportion of sales taxes coming from visitors than any other city in the metropolitan. Use visitor paid sales taxes to lower the financial burden on residents instead of excessive spending on extravagances like art sculptues and city building upgrades.


Confident That Sam Will Be Good For Merriam?
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Contact Information

Sam Matier
8515 W. 57th St.
Merriam, KS 66202