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Merriam has not yet replaced our only grocery store That is because city leaders were busy backroom-dealing on the community center bait and switch instead of taking care of our basic needs. Getting a good grocery store back in Merriam is a high priority for me. My opponent Staci Chivetta does not think Merriam needs a grocery store.

The mayor has said there is nothing the city can do to bring in a grocery store. When you say you "can not achieve a goal" you will never achieve that goal. The city must give a priority to bringing in a grocery store. The city approved a budget of $10,000 to convince residents to vote yes on the community center. There is a $535,000 budget to purchase five art sculptures. There is $0 budget to find a grocery store.

The city staff has not been told to figure out how to get a grocery store. Has the city conducted a market study to see if the old Hen House rental rate is truly not competitive? If the rental rate is unreasonably high, has the city talked with the property owners and applied leverage if necessary? When you spend no money and make no effort to achieve a goal, you will not achieve that goal.

As a former commercial real estate broker I know the marketing steps that need to be taken to get that grocery store once the city makes it a priority. City leaders need to pull their heads out of the sand and listen to retailers or we are going to lose more stores.

A culture change needs to take place in city hall Some of the council members falsely believe and have said that their job is to support the paid staff. I will listen to what staff advises, but I will work closely with the residents and do what the residents want me to do.

The latest example is that the city administrator and mayor were throwing up every possible roadblock to see that sidewalks were constructed in the West Vernon Place subdivision. West Vernon Place residents didn't want sidewalks. As a council member I should not be telling residents that they should or not have sidewalks in their neighborhood. A council member should help residents to achieve what the residents want and not what the paid staff wants

Downtown Merriam Downtown will not blossom until it is removed from the Turkey Creek flood plain and businesses are willing to make an investment in the area. As an elected member of the Merriam Drainage District Board, I urge the Corp of Engineers to begin the project needed by downtown Merriam.

Affordable Housing The mayor has just appointed a committee to look at the long term future of Merriam. Some residents living in less expensive homes are concerned that the committee will recommend replacing entire neighborhoods with commercial or expensive new residential developments. Merriam has a need to have home values in a variety of price ranges. There comes a time when we have to quit declaring the least expensive homes blighted and removing them using eminent domaign.

Old Community Center My opponent, Staci Chivetti is head of the mayor appointed committee assigned to decide the fate of the old community center. The committee recommended spending $4 to $5 million on the 5701 Merriam Lane property. What started out as a $25 million community center idea has now excalated into spending $42 million when the library parking garage and 5701 renovations are included. Spending is out of control. We need to have more transparency and get public votes when cost start to go out of site on any city project.



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